Thursday, January 14, 2010

The best part of wakin' up...

One evening at a job I had 20 years ago, I was working late with several hours work yet to do. I decided to brew a pot of coffee to help me to be at my best as I raced against the clock to lock up and be out before midnight. I found the coffee can empty. My boss had used it as an ashtray. Fortunately a new can of "Folders" was there, and I had my pocket knife, so I opened the can and brewed a pot. Now I was using "Stewarts" coffee at the time. I had not paid much attention to the brand of coffee at work, so imagine my excitement on taking my first sip, that I had found a brand of coffee I really LOVED. I was amazed. Every sip seemed to awaken new pleasure. When the cup was about half-full I refilled it. It was still excellent, but apparently that incredible aromatic flavor I had never noticed before requires catching the first cup after a pot is brewed, because the second cup, while still very good, seemed somewhat less potent. Still I savored every drop. As I got toward the bottom of the cup, I considered adding more coffee, but I decided two cups was enough for a late night, and I could not bear to have that wonderful flavor diluted again. I finished the cup. After my last wonderful aromatic sip, I noticed something in the bottom of the cup. It was a cigar butt!

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David Lloyd said...

♪ The best part of wakin' up:
♫ Cigar butts ♫ in your ♪cup!