Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sometimes things happen

I noticed a post to my "Big Bad Ideas" blog that I did not post. The blog entry was actually a link to a similar kind of blog. I did not mind the link, but it bothered me that someone could actually add an entry in my name. At first I just commented on the link, but when I saw that my comment was not displayed by default, I felt more drastic action was needed, so I deleted the post. The link I deleted was to this blog: Cup O' Joe with Bill: Loving God... laughing at myself...

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David Lloyd said...

I just followed the link, and it has changed from a personal blog by a church pastor to a less intimate Church blog with a slightly different title. I'm a Christian. I don't mind maintaining this link, but I don't know anything about this particular church, and I neither endorse nor speak against their ministry.

I'm still curious about how the link to their church ended up on my blog!

Who ARE those guys that even independent blogs link to them?