Friday, February 17, 2012


Wow! I LOVE Santorum's line in the sand. What a way to distinguish himself from Obama! 

Inequality is as essential to life as pain. We might win votes by promising to eliminate pain, but we would be lying if we promised we could do it, and to what ever extent we DID eliminate pain, we would be creating useless junkies who have no reason to live. Embrace the pain! 

Love economic inequality. It is the air, food, and water that lets us live! Inequality enables motivation; it is the music and soul that makes life worth-while. Join Santurom, and declare your love for economic inequality!

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David Lloyd said...

I love equal opportunity, AND
I love economic inequality.

Equal economic opportunity is essential, but economic equality is impossible to accomplish, and dangerous to pursue. Nothing causes more economic pain for everyone than misguided attempts to fix economic inequality, and the poorest among us are always hurt the worst when we try. Charity multiplies wealth, but involuntary redistribution destroys wealth, helps no one, and hurts the poor more than it hurts anyone else. If we truly care about the poor among us, then we will fight against redistribution with as much heart and soul as we fight challenges to equal opportunity.