Monday, May 13, 2013


While driving Audra to school this morning, a boy (guessing 15 year-old) walked out onto the road in the middle of the block, right in front of our van. I'm glad it wasn't during one of those moments when I was looking off to the side (of course, I only tend to do that at intersections). I commented "that's illegal." Audra said, I didn't know it was illegal until you told me sometime in Junior High. I asked, do you think he doesn't know that what he did is illegal and dangerous? She said, unless someone points it out to him, maybe not.

I dropped Audra off at the school, watched her until she was in the door, as I always do, and started to head home. Moments after I pulled out onto the road, the SAME KID crossed the street in the middle of the block, directly in front of my car!

Not expecting the school to actually be able to do anything about it, (after all, "a kid in a gray shirt" probably describes half the student population on any given day) I called anyway, and I asked the secretary to "put a bug in the ear" of whoever has authority to make sure these kids are made aware that jaywalking is illegal and dangerous.

I realize my response was probably not effective. Any ideas about how I could have done something positive with this incident?

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