Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EZ-IZE Button-board

↖ Don't click that button!
The "y" kee on my kee-board has stopped working. Fortunatlee, I know how to use alt-121 to fix missing wise. I can also use alternate words to avoid that particular letter, but it makes the writing difficult to read.

(Be thankful I did not go with alternate spellings through the entire post.)

I have been unhappy with my keyboard since I got it from an EZ-EYES infomercial. Because of my limited vision, I paid extra for the "deluxe" keyboard that came with a set of stickers for my laptop.

My initial unhappiness was the "four-to-six weeks" I was told to allow for delivery turned out to be nearly six months. During that time, I came across an ad for a better keyboard for less money. A couple of them had cool fiber-optics to light each key with one LED. I assumed my "deluxe" keyboard would have LED illumination also.

Phosphorescent "lighted" keyboard
My next unhappiness began when I saw the actual keyboards (two of them). The backspace key is tiny, and impossible to find. They could have taken space from the excessively large return key. Several of the keys stick, and require extra pressure to push and then they don't come back up immediately. The keyboard was built cheaply, and the keys were not nearly as easy to see as in the commercial (because I bought the deluxe lighted board with "ghost-phorescent" keys instead of those bright yellow buttons on the television ad. When I saw the phosphorescent buttons, I still assumed they were illuminated some way. I figured they must use a UV Led to light phosphorescent buttons. I was wrong. This idea might have worked 60-months ago when monitors used cathode-ray tubes. Leaked x-rays and short-wave UV might have been the perfect energy source to light up those buttons. However, they do not compare favorably with those beautiful $15 red LED keyboards I saw AFTER I invested my money in the EZ-EYES keyboard.

My final complaint: Those beautiful laptop button-stickers that I loved so much when I first got them have all lost their appeal -especially when I attempt to remove them. They don't peal off at all, and there is nothing as ugly as stick-on labels that have had all their writing rubbed off.


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