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Outlawed by ... DRM « Martin Bekkelund

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Since I highlighted Bekkelund's blog post (2012, October 22) about a particularly offensive abuse of DRM, Amazon corrected the problem that prompted the post, and they have posted the following statement with regard to this incident:
"We would like to clarify our policy on this topic. Account status should not affect any customer's ability to access their library. 
If any customer has trouble accessing their content, he or she should contact customer service for help. 

Thank you for your interest in Kindle."

Amazon's responsiveness to customer issues makes me confident to continue shopping with Amazon; however, Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) in many cases has proven itself to be a means to circumvent the constitutionally protected rights of individuals by enabling the confiscation of property without explanation, and without the constitutionally required due process of law. DRM's preemptive penalties assume guilt and assess penalties, violating the constitutional principle of "innocent until proven guilty." DRM is unconstitutional  and it is the duty of all citizens to challenge DRM everywhere it is found until this dangerous and illegal intrusion on freedom is eliminated. Perpetrators must be required to repay every dollar confiscated through this illegal ruse, and should be assessed additional punitive damages to ensure no further attempts to create automated law enforcement are ever attempted in the future.

As documented in previous posts, I personally have suddenly lost material I loved and owned with no explanation, and no apparent reason or recourse. It is time to put an end to Digital Restrictions Management (DRM).
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The free software foundation has published an action plan for the elimination of DRM, but I have been unable to locate a citable source* of their recommended steps, however these common-sense steps would fit in their list, which I will cite when I am able to relocate my sources:

1) Demand that retailers provide warnings when use of material is restricted after sale via DRM.
2) Make the choice and sacrifice to only purchase DRM-free material.
3) Demand that legislators restrict use of DRM for use as a reporting tool, only to be accessed with a court-issued warrant, as is necessary in all other cases in which the needs of law enforcement conflict with personal rights of privacy.
4) Demand that legislators stop automated theft of digital rights, and provide clear guidelines for prosecuting those existing thefts that were perpetrated by DRM automation, including criminal penalties for those who have purposely used DRM to force resale of material already owned by victims.

As cases come up in the news or on blogs, such as in the case of the Outlawed by Amazon DRM article, write to the perpetrator of DRM theft, and demand an explanation. Big media will never be bigger than its audience. Ultimately it is up to us to stop this abuse by big media. Together, WE are bigger.

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* I was able to locate a European action plan published by the European version of the Free Software Foundation.

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