Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wendy Thomas v. Morgan Smith

Melinda Lou "Wendy" Morse                                     Morgan Smith Goodwin
born September 14, 1961)                                       (born August 18, 1985)
Namesake of Wendy's hamburger chain.                              The face of Wendy's Restaurants'
                                                                                  Now That's Better Adv. Campaign

Both "Wendys" are featured in commercials for the Wendy's chain of restaurants.

Eight-year-old Wendy Thomas
Clara "Where'sthe Beef" Peller aka "Old Wendy"

Wendy's Logo, based on eight-year-old Wendy
Wendy dressed as Wendy

...both eat there, but the actress eats their salads...

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David Lloyd said...

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When I post photos directly, I am careful to seek permission (when possible), check copyright restrictions, and post credits when I use other people's photos. My primary tool for researching ownership of images is TinEye. ( (On a couple of occasions, an image I created was claimed as owned and created by someone else. So far I haven't chosen to sue anyone over this issue, PINTEREST, but it is under consideration. I keep meticulous automated daily backups of my work, and because I keep copies of every layer that goes into creating every image, it is relatively easy for me to prove how and when I created what I created.)

This post was really the result of me satisfying my own curiosity. Sharing what I found was an afterthought. I found the trivia entertaining, and thought others might enjoy it also. Overall, this post is of little importance to me. If I have offended anyone with this post (or any other post) please let me know. I don't purposely offend people, although this IS where I post my less politically-correct ideas. My other blogs are my "serious" blogs.

I always keep backups of all photos that I link, and I have, on occasion, replaced photos when my links became broken. However, in this case, I have chosen to leave the broken links as broken links, just on the chance that someone found those posts offensive. Just sayin' (as my kids would say)

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