Saturday, July 26, 2014


(copied from my post to Google+, which I also posted to my Facebook account)

Another reason to use Google+ I just wish I could automate syncing between platforms so my Blog posts would be on both Google+ and Facebook (until Facebook removes them).

Not only does Facebook NOT PAY people to post to their home pages, but they ask US to pay if we want people to see our posts!

That's a show of BAD FAITH, and it will be the reason Facebook doesn't exist in 15 years. 


I WILL find a way to make my posts stay, so that every time you delete my posts, the incident will be documented. Then I will repost the deleted post with the evidence of your crime!

Obviously we can't trust Facebook with our writing, so Facebook is going to start getting copies of what I write elsewhere. Meanwhile, I have a lot of writing that cost me many hours to create, that I NEED for my TBI resources project, and I will sue Facebook if they cannot return the items they stole from me. I have posted this previously, but I should probably post it regularly. I claim ownership and copyrights to all of what I have written on Facebook. Using material I have posted, including deleting material I have posted, without my permission, and without notifying me, and acknowledging me as the author is illegal, and may prompt legal action.

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