Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It doesn't matter how many times Facebook sends this message, I uninstalled the Facebook messenger because it is not secure, and until they take back the changes that make this messenger such a security threat, I won't be re-installing it. If that means I can't receive messages, then so be it. I would rather be safe than sorry.

(screenshot from my Nexus5 phone)

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David Lloyd I have predicted for some time that Facebook's failure to understand the importance of privacy, combined with their treatments of posts as Facebook property rather than the property of those who post (who should be paid for their posts on the basis of the audience it pulls in for Facebook, rather than charged by Facebook for assurance their posts will be seen) will bring about the replacement of Facebook with a social service that understands the rights of those who use their service. I'll be posting to Google+, where the posts are not tampered with by Facebook.

Facebook is not so big that they can't become another failed attempt like myspace.

David Lloyd Facebook on the PC is still relatively safe, but I have already stopped using their application, choosing to post to Facebook via a third-party application that does not burn up my battery, while it spies and reports on everything I do with my phone. As of this moment, I have decided to uninstall the Facebook application entirely. The public must not allow Facebook or any other software to have that much control over our private information. I'm taking a stand. I encourage other to take a stand also. (This post will also be visible via my "big bad dad" blog.)


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