Friday, October 17, 2014

The Orchard, UMPG, and other fraudulent copyright scammers

Obviously, YouTube makes no attempt to investigate the validity of copyright complaints before they take down videos. They took down a video I posted of my Dad singing "O Holy Night," a song written in the mid 1800's, because some publisher claimed copyrights to the song. These false copyright claims should be prosecuted with greater tenacity than actual violations, because they are far more common, and cause far more public harm.

It is not enough to just dispute individual fraudulent claims. These companies are committing crimes against original artists and against the public domain. Using an automated system is not an excuse for committing the crime of libel. A crime is committed each time a fraudulent claim is published. It is time law enforcement focus on the REAL criminals in the war against the public by Big Media. 

YouTube needs to be included in the lawsuits against The Orchard, UMPG, and any other groups that make fraudulent copyright claims. Copyrights are an EXCEPTION to the legal principle that all information belongs to the public. We have a public library system to ensure that copyrights cannot entrude on the public's right to free access to all information. It is time for the public to stand up to Big Media, and reclaim our rights. Companies that profit over fraudulent copyright violation claims must be sued out of existence, and it is our duty to ensure they don't get by with false copyright claims. Any lawyer out there want to participate in a class action lawsuit in which the "class" is everyone who has ever been prevented from viewing a video due to a fraudulent copyright claim?

(As I have been working to build a database of specific fraudulent copyright claims, the list of offenders keep growing. Each of the following companies has committed copyright fraud: WMG, SME, Associated Press (AP), UMG, Dow Jones, New York Times Digital, The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), The Orchard, Warner Chappell, UMPG Publishing and EMI Music Publishing. The list keeps growing. This is obviously a widespread epidemic of crime against the public.

As I continue gathering specific reports of fraudulent copyright claims, I am using the following public tags: #fraudulentclaims #bigmediamonopoly #falsecopyrightclaim.)


Unknown said...

You might want to add my SECOND video on Orchard Music while you're at it... :)

David Lloyd said...

Thank you for the heads up. Your second video is compelling.

Unknown said...

you can imagine that I have my label ICTUS RECORDS (almost 200 CD's) and I'm the composer of some 1000 compositions and I had the misfortunate to have my entire catalog sold by my previous distributor to the Orchard without my consent.... Then I legally terminated the contract 3 months ago with a letter signed by both party, but they NEVER took down my music and I cannot upload on youtube without get a strike... SUPER FRUSTRATING... this is the age of big scam and hungry sharks on internet and we are basically screwed....
There's no way to make a CLASS ACTION against all those crooks???
Andrea Centazzo

David Lloyd said...

Sorry Andrea, I just now saw your post. I don't have a simple answer for you other than to encourage you to continue to fight for your rights. If you are a US citizen, I would encourage you to contact the FTC. Long-term, we must change the law.

Copyrights are a temporary EXCEPTION to the rule that all information belongs to the public. Copyrights serve private interests only, and should not even be controllable by corporations. Even LEGAL copyrights are an infringement on the public domain. We need to repeal the law that transferred so much public property to the private corporations when it increased copyright periods from 23 years (renewable once to 26 years). There is no reasonable excuse for 99-year copyrights to exist that exceed the lifespan of authors. 99-year copyrights can only exist for use by corporations, which should not be able to hold such rights at all. Humans create. Corporations restrict creativity. They harm the quality of artistic work any time they get involved. Our culture has been harmed by excessively long copyright terms. It's time to take back our public domain from the corporations that should never have been given this destructive power.

David Lloyd said...

renewable once to 56 years, not 26.