Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dave's Diet Plan

I haven't actually started a "diet." I just decided I'm "fed up" with my current size, and I've made a few commitments which I'm going to track in my blog. The commitments are:

  1. Birthday cake and ice cream are free foods unrelated to my diet plan, provided it is restricted to one average serving during an actual celebration where "the song" is sung, and presents are opened.
  2. All cravings are allowed in small doses, and do not count against the "plan," because rebellion will kill any plan.
  3. Coffee and everything that goes in it is a free food, not related to my diet plan, however caffeine will be restricted to 200 mg per day.
  4. No refined grains or products made with refined grains, because refined grain products frequently cause me to loose will-power when consumed.
  5. No fried foods unless the oil was sprayed onto a non-stick pan, and no additional oil was added. (Spray oil is a free food not counted in my diet plan.)
  6. No butter, and no more than two teaspoons of country crock soft margarine per meal, however three teaspoons (and no more) of fat or oil are required per meal, which includes what is used in cooking. (Because a little oil is necessary, and a little oil strengthens will-power.)
  7. Oily meats, cheeses, and nuts count as a serving of oil AND a serving of meat.
  8. No sugar other than what naturally occurs in fruit, however two servings of fruit per meal are required, because it is necessary for good health, and because it strengthens will-power).
  9. Serving sizes are bigger than a thumb, and smaller than a fist, unless otherwise specified.
  10. No more than six meals or snacks a day, and no fewer than four meals or snacks a day are required.
  11. Every meal including snacks must include meat, cheese, nuts, or legumes, with fruit and a vegetable. (Peppers and tomatoes count as fruits AND vegetables. )
  12. One meal a day must include whole grain oats.
  13. Single egg yolks (including those in cooking) are allowed only three times a week, and should be avoided completely when possible, however a sprinkling of cheese in egg whites still counts as one serving of egg (within reason).
  14. Always partake of every snack or meal with a thankful attitude that is clearly expressed. Grumbling is not allowed!
Day 1

4 oz orange juice
1/2 cup cracked oats
1 egg
1 slice ww bread
2 tsp margarine
8 oz sugar-free yogurt

2 oz turkey lunchmeat
2 ww english muffins
2 tsp butter
1 cup berries

3 oz steak
1/2 cup mashed potatoes
1/2 cup peas
1/2 cup mushrooms
1 tbs butter
1 nectarine

1 oz turkey lunchmeat
1 slc bread
1 tsp mayonnaise
8 oz milk