Friday, June 15, 2012

Brain Injury

Location of accident
There is a reason this blog has been inactive. Last June (2011) I was hit by a car while I was bicycling for exercise. Initially it seemed I was fine other than suffering from severe vertigo and the nausea that comes with vertigo, but over time, my abilities have progressively continued to decline, or so others tell me. I still hope for eventual recovery.  For every new symptom that appears, older symptoms seem to gradually improve. An example of improvement is my ability to write this post without having to correct severe grammatical errors caused by dropped words and phrases. (I will grammar-check this post before publishing it just in case.)

As I recover, I am building a new blog entitled Resources for Traumatic Brain Injury in which I am building a journal of my experiences. Eventually, I plan for this journal to become part of a larger website that will help others work through the kinds of difficulties I have faced.

Grammar checking for this post was provided by SpellCheckPlus (2012).