Monday, July 28, 2014

A smarter way to fight drug abuse

I have made a number of posts and comments supporting legalization of drugs. A friend pointed out to me that to legalize certain drugs has the effect of endorsing the use of those drugs. This is why our Government should never exceed it's authority to begin with. Our Government should not be in the business of regulating the details of individual lives. However, that's all on the level of political ideals, and does not take reality into account.

Just so people understand my view, I do not endorse the use of mood-altering substances without the guidance and supervision of a physician (but please leave my coffee alone!)

For those of you who love to read as much as I love to express myself....

Saturday, July 26, 2014


(copied from my post to Google+, which I also posted to my Facebook account)

Another reason to use Google+ I just wish I could automate syncing between platforms so my Blog posts would be on both Google+ and Facebook (until Facebook removes them).

Not only does Facebook NOT PAY people to post to their home pages, but they ask US to pay if we want people to see our posts!

That's a show of BAD FAITH, and it will be the reason Facebook doesn't exist in 15 years. 


I WILL find a way to make my posts stay, so that every time you delete my posts, the incident will be documented. Then I will repost the deleted post with the evidence of your crime!

Obviously we can't trust Facebook with our writing, so Facebook is going to start getting copies of what I write elsewhere. Meanwhile, I have a lot of writing that cost me many hours to create, that I NEED for my TBI resources project, and I will sue Facebook if they cannot return the items they stole from me. I have posted this previously, but I should probably post it regularly. I claim ownership and copyrights to all of what I have written on Facebook. Using material I have posted, including deleting material I have posted, without my permission, and without notifying me, and acknowledging me as the author is illegal, and may prompt legal action.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why engines should be kept clean

I learned something today.... In retrospect, I should be embarrassed that I learned it today. It should have been the kind of thing everyone knows. Worse, it probably IS the kind of thing everyone knows, but I wasn't listening before today. I've even heard other people say it before, but I thought of it as a nice idea, but not basic essential: engines should be kept clean, and the first step to working on an engine, whether it's a car or a lawn mower, is to clean it, if it's not clean.  

The reason I finally understood this simple principle, is that I read it in my lawn mower's owner's manual today. Consequently, I actually thought about the benefits of keeping an engine clean. When working on a clean engine, it's much easier to avoid accidentally getting dirt into the engine. An even more basic reason for keeping it clean, is to avoid wear and tear. How many times have I waited to do work on a car or a lawn mower because the job would be too dirty? How many times have I taken more time than necessary when I did work on a car, because I couldn't see what I was doing, couldn't read labels, or got dirt on my glasses? Years ago I kept engines clean because my wife wanted everything clean. At the time I thought it was unnecessary, but anything that made her happy made me happy, so I kept my vehicle engines clean. However, over time, I got lazy, because I have never reasoned out the value of a clean engine. 

Now I know.


Reasons to keep an engine clean

  • It's more pleasant to work on a clean engine.
  • It reduces the effort of working on an engine.
  • Reduced effort translates to less time spent, and less money spent.
  • A cleaning routine serves as a maintenance reminder.
  • Fluid leaks are easy to detect when an engine is clean.
  • Dirt is less likely to get into the engine when the surface of the engine is clean.
  • A clean engine may run slightly cooler.



Do NOT get water into electronic parts, into the air filter, or into any of the fluid reservoirs. Cover the air filter, electrical connections, and fluid reservoir caps with plastic before spraying an engine with water. DO NOT spray COLD water on a HOT engine!


How to keep an engine clean

Keeping an engine clean is easier than cleaning a dirty engine. Follow a weekly routine to wipe off the engine with a damp rag, and to check the oil and other fluids. There are a number of reputable commercial products for cleaning oily build-up, including foam cleaners for light cleaning, and gel cleaners for extreme cases.

Spraying an engine with high pressure water may cause damage. 
DO NOT spray COLD water on a HOT engine! If spraying an engine at a car wash, use a hot low-pressure soap, rinse with low-pressure hot water, and BE SURE to cover the air filter, electrical connections, and fluid reservoir caps with plastic before spraying an engine with water. After cleaning, remove plastic, and run the engine gently for a few minutes afterward, to evaporate the remaining water.