Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thoughts about gun ownership

Freedom comes with responsibility, but giving up our freedom so others will keep us safe is no option at all. No matter how seriously professional law enforcement takes its responsibility, it CANNOT provide both safety AND freedom; police cannot be with us in our homes 24/7, nor would we want them there.

If you own a gun, use it regularly so that you can use it safely,
 and avoid deadly accidents.

If you own a gun, use it regularly so that you can use it safely and avoid deadly accidents. Otherwise, get rid of it. Gun ownership is both a right and a responsibility. If your ownership of a gun does not make you, your family, and your neighbors safer, then let someone else handle that responsibility. Keep your firearms locked. Store ammunition away from where you store firearms. Carry weapons pointed down. Never aim at anything you are not willing to kill, whether the gun is loaded or not. Expect to be shot, if you aim a weapon at another person.

The US Supreme Court recently ruled that the right of individuals to protect themselves is one of the checks and balances designed to protect freedom. Self-protection operates as a check against tyranny, when it eliminates the need for a large police force. If citizens responsibly protect themselves and each other, then Government has no need to grow. Big Government eventually results in tyranny. THAT is why the right of self-protection is a check against tyranny.

Police are not the enemy. Never confront law enforcement. That is NOT the point of the US Supreme Court ruling. If you confront law enforcement, you deserve whatever happens. They ALSO have a right to protect themselves, and they are probably better at it than you!